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Happy Hour PU 6'6 Surfboard
Happy Hour PU 6'6 Surfboard
Ocean & Earth

Happy Hour PU 6'6 Surfboard


The all new Happy Hour PU Surfboard

Designed for fun and performance.

Outline, bottom curve and evenly proportioned thickness all combining  to make wave catching and manoeuvrability a breeze. A narrower tail shape and fuller nose combine to create an exceptionally versatile board added to a combination of many potential fin setups takes this board to an even higher level of performance.



DIMENSIONS:  6'6" x 21 3/8" x 2 3/4"


OUTLINE:  Narrower pin tail for performance. Wider nose area for easy paddling. 

ROCKER:  Minimal rocker for easy paddling to catching waves. 

DECK: Polished Glass

BOTTOM: Polished Glass


FINS (SUPPLIED) : 1 x 8" PU centre fin

                                2 X 3.5" PU side fins

FINS BOX : Side Fins = Single Tab x 4 Futures (single tab)

                   Centre Fin = 10" Box


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