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Smoothstar - 34" Toledo #77

Smoothstar - 34" Toledo #77


Smoothstar - making Surfers Better

The Worlds No1 Surf Training board.

When there are no waves, ride a Surfskate.   The most fun you can have on land.

Smoothstar is the closest thing to surfing on Land.  Thats why it is the BEST surf trainers as voted by so many.

This Smoothstar suits riders as per below.

The 34″ Toledo 77 model is perfect for surfers around the 5″6′ (167cm) to 6″ (182cm) in height.. It will hold rail turns without sliding out for surfers that are under 85kg. It has the deeper concave in the deck which provides more ability to hold the rail when carving. It shares the same concave as the 32.5″ and 35.5″ models.



4.1 kg


34” Matt Black

Deck Tail Width





Black Trucks

Thruster Type

Black SmoothStar Thruster

 deep Concave


The 34” Toledo #77 is the newest SmoothStar model for our Team Rider Filipe Toledo. While creating the 34” Toledo, Filipe was specific in the design process…and we delivered. The Toledo 34″ has a deeper concave in the deck and wider wheels at the back. Both of these features enable surfers to push harder through their turns and hold the rail without sliding out.

Then end result is surfers can practice much more powerful manoeuvres, whilst maintaining looseness through critical turns. Filipe loved the idea of a black simplistic design. Together we worked on a mixture of black matt and black gloss which looks awesome. 

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