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yallingup zinc
yallingup zinc
yallingup zinc
Yallingup Zinc

Yallingup Zinc



100% Natural

100% Australian made in Yallingup WA

100% Safe and it works.  Protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Yallingup Zinc is one of the best zincs on the market. Stays on and not oily

Yallingup Zinc contains no petrochemicals, nano particles, titanium dioxide or preservatives

; Zinc oxide, virgin olive oil, French and Australian clays,
cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, yellow and red oxide

available in 3 different shades

Fair25% zinc oxide. Suits people who don't tan very well and have more pink tones to their faces. (British, Scottish decent)

Medium25% zinc oxide. For untanned skin that has a yellow tone(you would tan if exposed to the sun)

Dark25% zinc oxide. For darker skin that has more red in it.

Once you use Yallingup Zinc you will never use another sunscreen on your face.

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