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Torq 7'8
Torq V+

Torq TET-CS Mod Fun 7'8 v+


Super Fun and responsive.

The Torq TET -CS is a winner when is comes to volume and speed

The torq TET-CS, or Carbon Strip utilises the same advanced TET process with a performance oriented lay-up. The TET-CS Mod Fun features a UD Carbon Strip on the base and deck for strength but allows torsional flex.

These boards feel more lively than the standard TET; slightly lighter and more responsive, making them even more fun to surf, but just as strong as before.

7'8 x 22 1/2 x 2 3/16 = 64Ltrs

Perfect for a riderĀ 60 - 120 kg

Fins included with this board - Futures fin system

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