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Yahoo Surfboard - Kelvinator 6'0 - Ocean & Earth WA
Yahoo Surfboard - Kelvinator 6'0 - Ocean & Earth WA

Yahoo Surfboard - Kelvinator 6'2


It looks like a fridge door and rides like a magic carpet

Made By Mark Ogram of Yahoo Surf in Dunsborough.

Great WA Brand.

The Kelvinator is based on a the Mini Simmons design from the 1950's, plus a few refinements

Heaps of planning area and a low rocker are the secret to its endless speed, and yahoo added a single concave through the tail.

In the nose they have rolled the bottom edge of the rail almost up to the deck which makes it really forgiving. Wide noses sometimes have a tendency to catch in the critical or choppy conditions, but the Kelvinator just releases and takes you into the next turn. 

They have taken off the original keel fins and spiced it up with a quad set up.

(fins not included)

6'2  x 23  x 2 7/8  = 47.5 Litres




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