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3D Fins Zombie
3D Fins Zombie
3D Fins Zombie
3D Fins Zombie
3D Fins

3D Fins - Gohard Art Series Large - Zombie Zone


Fin Base

Wow, take a look at these fabulous 3D fins.

Not only do they look awesome, but they are fantastic value, super tough and will give you more speed and more drive

Legendary all-rounder template that has been proven in all sizes of Surf.

GOHARD Large is perfect for larger, heavier surfers and those that simply want more "fin" in the water when it counts. The Raked template gives you the chance to draw out your turns, Super smooth through transitions while maintaining hold when pushing the fins HARD. The extra speed generated by the dimples can be felt straight after take-off.

Patented Dimple Technology, like on golf balls, has proven to reduce drag by up to 15% while providing maximum control. 

Golf balls have dimples for two main reasons, a dimpled surfaces reduce drag and improves lift. That’s why 3DFINS developed their patented Dimple Technology for all types of surfboard fins. 3DFINS surfboard fins reduce drag, provides maximum control and stability in turns and most importantly, helps you keep your speed.  From your first ride, you’ll definitely feel the difference. Don’t let your fins hold you back. GOHARD!

Package includes:

  • GOHARD Large Thruster (Set of 3)
  • 1 x 3DFINS key and screws
  • 1 x 3DFINS awesome sticker



3DFINS specifications and sizes below.

Optimum weight ranges
75kg+ (165lb+)
Height 4.72” (119.8mm)
Base 4.64” (117.8mm)
Foil Flat
ZGLASS Composite Construction Nylon/Glass fibre composite 
Foil Flat
Best Board High Performance short board, Fun Boards
Best for Waves Great for long walls, fast point breaks any wave needing some extra hold

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