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DMC Repellor Fin
DMC Repellor Fin
DMC Repellor Fin

DMC Repellor Fins



Need Speed, then the DMC Repellor Fins are for you.

These DMC Repellor Fins are the ultimate sprint swimming tool

Maximum speed with less Fatigue

V Rail Design

With its ultra-comfortable universal foot cavity and Innovative RVR (Reverse VEE Rail) Technology, the REPELLOR® is a high-end OCEAN A.P.D. (Aquatic Propulsion Device) for use in all facets of surf requirements. 
Bodysurfing / Bodyboarding / Lifeguarding / Ocean Swimming
If Speed is what you need then the REPELLOR® Fin is for you.
REPELLOR® Fins perform as an extension of the body and can be used to improve lower body fitness, leg strength and ankle flexibility while maximizing your speed in the water.


DMC Repellor Fins are just one of the great styles of fins made by DMC and available at Ocean & Earth WA


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