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Red Bull Magnetron -011 Snow Goggles
Red Bull Magnetron -011 Snow Goggles

Red Bull Magnetron -011 Snow Goggles


The very best in Snow Goggles

Redbull Spect Eyewear Magnetron Goggles

The spherical lens with oversized frame is perfectly complimented by a super strong magnetised lens changing system so you can swiftly and easily change lenses in varying weather conditions. The lightweight design, large peripherals, and superior anti-fog are just some of the extra features on the Magnetron that make it one of the most sought after goggles on the market.

Additional Features:

  • Extra strong spherical magnetic system for interchangeable lenses
  • Second lens included for bad weather conditions
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Extremely durable, flexible and light TR90 frame
  • Exceptional long-wear comfort
  • Lens with anti-scratch and water-repellent coating
  • Additional inside lens with anti-fog effect

With your Magnetron ski goggles you are prepared for any weather! Its magnetic quick-change system lets you change lenses in seconds.

The lens is pulled off the frame with a simple handle - the interchangeable lens clicks automatically back into the frame. Eight strong magnets firmly join lenses and frames together.

Each MAGNETRON ski goggle comes with two interchangeable lenses - a mirrored fair weather lens and a contrast enhancing bad weather lens. No matter if cloudy sky or bright sunshine, with this Snow Goggle you are ready for all conditions!

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