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Torq Tec Big Boy 6'10


All the performance of a Shortboard, but with a little bit of extra width and volume.

This board will have you smiling all day.

Perfect for the bigger guys that can still rip it up.

This board is also ideal for any long boarders looking for a shorter board with great shape and volume

Lots of float for not much length

This is one of the best funboards on the market., it can ride hard and fast

Single to double concave means this board will still go on its rail.

Great stability and paddle power

Dont want to buy a Mal, buy a Torq Big boy.

For any big guy rippers out there, longboarders wanting a shorter board or intermediates, look no further.

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 6'10  x 22 1/2  x 2 7/8 = 49.1ltr

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